Released: May 24th 2010 | WIGLP253

This release comes in a gatefold sleeve and contains:

  • 2 vinyl LPs.
  • Etched side D.

Becoming A Jackal is Irish folk group Villagers' debut album. It introduces us to Villagers’ vivid narratives, gripping poetry and melodic depth. From restrained to unleashed, from a whisper to a literal howl, Becoming A Jackal mutates, intrigues and beguiles in equal measure.

Comes with an MP3 and WAV download card.

Side A
  • 01 I Saw The Dead
  • 02 Becoming A Jackal
  • 03 Ship Of Promises
  • 04 The Meaning Of The Ritual
Side B
  • 01 Home
  • 02 That Day
  • 03 The Pact (I'll be your Fever)
  • 04 Set The Tigers Free
Side C
  • 01 Twenty Seven Strangers
  • 02 Pieces
  • 03 To Be Counted Among Men